The most complete picture of the Ghanaian mental health system

The Kintampo Project has completed the first ever comprehensive, country-wide survey of mental health systems and services in Ghana. Based on methodology recommended by the World Health Organisation, the survey provides the most detailed insight into the current situation, and provides recommendations for future improvements.

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One Country - 10 Regions - 216 Districts. The full report includes results on the following:

  • How much does medication cost in Ghana ?
  • How available is it ?
  • Do patients have to pay for their treatment ?
  • How many staff are there and where do they work ?
  • Are staff being trained in human rights ?

The report also contains useful comparisons between Ghana and other countries of similar income levels, which have carried out equivalent surveys of their mental health services. Comparisons include:

  • How much do countries spend on mental health?
  • How many people are being treated?
  • How many psychiatric beds are there ?
  • How many nurses sre needed ?
  • How many psychiatrists are needed ?

These comparisons give a useful yardstick for policy makers in the Ghanaian government, and the report recommends steps Ghana must take to provide adequate mental health support for its population and for its income level.

The report was produced from a survey conducted  in 2012 using the World Health Organisation's Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems  (WHO-AIMS). The survey was led by:

  • Professor. JB Asare, WHO-AIMS in-country Focal  Point
  • Caroline Mogan, WHO-AIMS Project Manager  and Lead Researcher
  • Abena Anokyewaa Sarfo, WHO-AIMS Research Assistant
  • Dr Mark Roberts, UK Lead, The Kintampo Project
  • Dr ET Adjase, Director, Kintampo College of Health
  • Dr  Akwasi Osei , Chief Psychiatrist of Ghana Health Service

You can also read the official WHO version here