Our values focus on achieving the best quality mental health care for Ghana. It is important that we are responding to the request of the Ministry of Health in Ghana: we are not exporting a 'pre-packaged' Western version of mental health services. 

Education and its processes are central to our work. High quality curriculum development is essential to make sure practitioners have the knowledge and skills they need for successful practice and workforce integration.

African psychiatry and Western medicine
Western health paradigms are not always transferable to African society. We attach great importance to local knowledge, experience and traditions. We aim to find the right mix between western and traditional approaches, while making sure that ill people are not harmed.

The boundaries of normal human experience and suffering
Western societies have gone too far in labeling normal human experience as ‘illness / disorder’. We do what we can to prevent such worrying developments in Ghana.

We advocate for marginalised and stigmatised mentally ill people in Ghana while keeping our advocacy within the boundaries set for us by the Ghana Ministry of Health.

Brain drain and workforce attrition
Our work must not add to workforce attrition and ‘brain drain’ in Ghana.

Giving back
We give back to Ghana some of what UK health services have taken away through their employment of African health workers, who were trained and intended for employment in Africa.

The workforce we develop will prosper and grow beyond our time limited input.

Facilitation and support
We support but we do not replace local expertise. We develop local expertise so that it will continue long after the life of our project. We focus on the 'teaching of teachers'.

In Ghana the experts in mental health are Ghanaian clinicians, traditional practitioners and sufferers themselves. We are guided by and we learn from them.