We pay particular attention to the important inter-play between education, service and workforce. Our work strengthens capacity in Ghana leaving tutors and courses stronger and more sustainable.

We provide unique education and development opportunities for academics, teachers and UK mental health staff. We provide leadership development, employer supported volunteering, experience in international psychiatry, project management and much more. Staff working with us include psychiatrists, health service managers, senior nurses and ICT (information Communication Technology) experts and academic health educationists.

Curriculum development

Curriculum development is at the heart of our work. We have a strong education underpinning. Staff at the Kintampo College of Health are specialists in education and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust provides expertise in mental health.

A new programme and its graduates will struggle if the education is not securely grounded in the service and workforce needs of eventual practice. We carefully and thoroughly evaluate these complex interdependencies for the future practitioners. Curriculum development is a long term process. The curricula have to be constantly reviewed - life never stands still and likewise the practice of health provision and therefore the curricula constantly change.

Long term support

Education is a lifelong process. The Kintampo Project supports tutors at CoHK and we are supporting new practitioners to become the highly skilled professional workforce that Ghanaian mental health needs.