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Latest news on Mental Health Act

Dr Akwasi Osei, Chief Psychiatrist of GhanaA brief summary;

 2nd March 2012 - Mental Health Bill passed by Parliament

31st May 2012 - Mental Health Act received Presidential Assent

8th June 2012 – MHA ‘gazetted’ (recorded in the official governmental  Ghana  gazette)

Next – develop the ‘LI’ (Legislative Instrument) – a more detailed operational MHA.  A group is now working on this

And – develop the organogram and role responsibilities within the Mental Health Authority (completed) 

And - President to appoint the Mental Health Board (coming soon)

Then – Mental Health Board to present the ‘LI’ to parliament 

Question:  Can we see a copy of The Mental Health Act ? 

Answer:  Yes, it has now been officially printed and will be available to us all very shortly.

Read more ……… about drafting the bill since 2004 (see the document called 'Developing the Ghana Mental Health Act' in the 'misc' section at the bottom of the page you link to)