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Educator development in wet and windy Hampshire

Lucy, Priscilla, Akosua and WalterJune 2012 saw The Kintampo Project welcome 4 MAP/CMHO lead mental health preceptors to 4 weeks of UK based clinical and educational leadership development in Hampshire.  The 4, Lawrence Nankuri Walter (Upper West), Akosua Serwaah Bonsu (Eastern), Lucy Dadze (Western) and Priscilla Elikplim Tawiah (Volta) arrived to meet cool wet and windy weather following what had been an early UK heat wave in May.  

Undeterred, they threw themselves into a packed timetable of visits and meetings throughout Southern Health mental health and learning disability services. They spent time in Supportive Outreach, Forensic Psychiatry, medical student seminars and shadowed staff in many different roles. Personal reflective practice and observation of supervision methods featured throughout.

Lawrence Nankuri Walter said: “Our visit to the UK has been a real success. It’s had a big impact and given us a more focused direction. We have been able to acquire knowledge and teaching skills on other areas of mental health services which we can take back to Ghana for the benefit of our colleagues and patients.”

The preceptors were full of praise for Southern Health mental health services. Akosua Serwaah Bonsu told us: “Our exposure here has really built our confidence to go back and mentor colleagues. We have learnt about effective leadership and many skills which we will be able to use. We have learnt about good clinical practice and will take many things from the service which we would like to implement back in Ghana.”

It’s great to hear that services in the UK are having such a positive impact so far afield.