The Kintampo Psychosocial Centre



Mr Peter Adams, Head of The Psychosocial CentreThe Psychosocial Centre is new and it’s treating patients and teaching students.

Staffed by leading College mental health educators the Psychosocial Centre is providing treatment for patients in and around Kintampo and it is a key practice placement for 100+ Kintampo Project CMHO and CPO students when they’re in College. 

In the past the Psychosocial Centre building was a dental clinic but with major investment by the College of Health and Wellbeing, Kintampo and grant support from the UK Department For International Development Health Partnership Scheme the buildings have been converted into clinic rooms, reception area, undercover waiting areas, occupational therapy centre and a children’s play area.  The Centre is now staffed and active.

The Kintampo Project is helping the Psychosocial Centre become a major centre of excellence for student education and the teaching of teachers for The College of Health Psychiatric programmes.  The Centre is a key driving force for the supply of pioneering CMHO and CPO who are providing new mental health services to vulnerable mentally ill people all across Ghana, especially in harder to reach and remote areas.


View of the Psychosocial Centre