Ghanaian clinicians visit to UK 2013


Miss Joana Ackon-AnnanMr Peter AdamMr Isaac AdjeiRev Fa Peter KomorMr George Kunyangna







Who is visiting ?

The visitors are 5 mental health practitioners from the Kintampo Psychosocial Centre. Three are Kintampo Project graduates.  Print a leaflet of biographies and contact details here.

Download a staff feedback form

Download a fellows feedback form 

When ?

Sat 15 June - Sat 10 August 2013

Why ?

They teach our students in Kintampo.  They need to be really good educators, clinicians and role models but it's hard to achieve that in Ghana without seeing practice elsewhere.

What's their programme ?

In summary, they have 8 weeks shadowing clinicians in Southern Health (see below if you can help) with one day each week at The University of Winchester.

The programme in now well-developed but there might still be ways you could help.  Download a summary of the plan so far or a detailed plan showing our early ideas.  

If you wish to help please contact Tess Maguire - or 02380 835 560 or Jo Overton at or 07440582963 with your details and availability.

What will happen afterwards ?

The 5 Fellows will return to Kintampo to drive forwards quality and output in student teaching and the training of colleagues to become educators on our programmes.  We support them through visits to Ghana and remotely through mentorship.  We make sure they have the resources they need until the programmes we’ve developed have taken root so firmly that long term success is assured....... and we're well on our way !

Who is paying for this ?

The whole visit is externally funded by Professional Fellowships from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission which is one of the largest and most prestigious scholarships schemes for international study in the world. You can read more in their prospectus .

What is the job role of CPO and CMHOs ?

Download a brief summary of CMHO and CPO job roles and how they compare with psychiatrists and nurses.  To find out more see the CPO and CMHO curriculum documents.

How is it going ?

We've had a fantastic response with placement offers from all over the trust and the University of Winchester. The programme has been organised by Tess Maguire and her team. Tess is a psychologist in Southern Health and a longstanding Kintampo Project volunteer.

Jo Overton and team are dealing with the all-important practical arrangements and pastoral support. The 5 are staying in a comfortable 5 bed house we've rented for them in Southampton. Jo is a CBT Nurse Therapist in Southern Health and also a longstanding Kintampo Project volunteer. 

Four of our 5 visitors have never been to UK before and some never outside Ghana. 

We wish them the very best for their stay and will ensure they have a fantastic experience.  They are true leaders and ambassadors of mental health education and care for the people of Ghana.